Susanna Averpil

Hello there!

My name is Susanna Averpil. I'm working as a User Experience Designer.

What does that mean? Well, interaction design, in sense of human-computer interaction, is about shaping things for people’s use. It's about satisfying the needs and desires of the majority of people using a product or service. That said, an interaction designer has to keep human behaviour, emotions, business goals and layout in mind to succeed.


STORY is king

My favourite animation studio Pixar go by the rule “story is king”. In my case it's about creating the dramaturgy and experience that makes you keep using the service.


If your idea is good enough, people will use it. Don't be afraid to try out new things. If the users need to change their behaviour for your awesome service, they probably will.

guide your users

It's all about simplicity. First time experiences should be guided in a light way. If you are lucky, your design doesn't need guidance. But let's be honest. We love guides!