Teknikföretagen is an employers’ organisation, and a force for innovation. They are present throughout Sweden and assist 3,700 engineering companies in labour law and industry issues, enabling them to focus on developing world-class goods and services. Teknikföretagen’s mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of all member companies – large and small. 



Teknikföretagen came to us with the ambition of creating a new site. Their current site had loads of information that were outdated. It worked like an archive for internal use rather than a service for their members.



Workshop time! We needed to find their business goals and needs. Ten people from different departments in a workshop came together and gave their aspect of their work. We had many discussions about which needs the site would fulfil. Their current site had overload of information that were outdated, as well as lots of old contracts and agreements. One problem was that the affiliated companies didn’t knew what difference it made if they logged in to the site or not.

Our first mission was to work out a new content strategy and structure. We took away all information that was more than one year old. That made a huge impact, suddenly we could do some work here!

We personalized all content behind a login. Since Teknikföretagen provides guidance for both small and large companies, they also have different needs. The members can now log in, see relevant content, and actually get the documents tailored for their business. This is also a safety aspect, since we don’t want large companies to download wrong contracts. That may end in an expensive legal dispute, and we don’t want that.

This also forced us to have a smarter search. You are basically not allowed to search for any documents you’d like. For those companies with one membership, we let them search for the documents tagged with that membership. But when it came to companies that actually had two or more memberships, we added a filter to the search where they need to tell us in which membership section they want to search for agreements.

The project was run by our Stockholm office, and we worked closely together as a small team. I worked with the content strategy, new structure and sketched out wireframes for the key pages. We had daily meetings and weekly sprint demos with the client. When the design and html had gotten forward we finally had a beta version of the new site. I conducted internal and external user testings to get a grip if we were on the right track.

Wireframes on wall for discussion

Wireframes on wall for discussion


When launching the site in April 2015, we had worked for about one year with the project. Along with company info, news and personalised pages we could provide the companies what they needed. Correct contracts and agreements, tailored courses and events, guides in business law and product requirements. This was a project that worked out very well in communication. I had been working with the same team for a long time and we knew each other well. The pace was fast and we knew what to do from start. Just awesome!


If you are interested in more information about the project, please contact me.