TeliaSonera AB wanted to launch a new global brand identity on all markets at the same time. The task was to adapt the identity to the swedish market. The project included more than 1200 interfaces on different platforms where was the largest one. My responsibility was to create visual design but I also got to make some wireframes for the first time.



TeliaSonera AB is the dominant telephone company and mobile network operator in Sweden. TeliaSonera operates under the consumer brands Telia and Halebop.


project brief

The project got into the house of DDB Stockholm with the intention of implementing a new global brand identity for TeliaSonera. There would be a big bang - launch at all markets at the same time. The project included more than 1200 interfaces on different platforms where was the largest one.



This is one of the largest projects I made as a visual designer at DDB. (but still as an aspiring interaction designer) This is also the first project where I got to make wireframes and work with structure before I jumped into the design.

Together with the client we decided to make key pages for Since the new global design was set by Fjord in London, we needed to make a new structure for the swedish My team and I sat in a war room for several months and made a new structure and wireframes for This was also a project where I got to design my own wireframes.

To make the new guidelines work for the swedish market, we took a step back and took a look at the structure. It had to be more simple and clear. We focused in better user experience, smaller areas of their main colors, a hero area for campaigns, we threw away elements not needed. We chose 9 of the 1200 interfaces and redesigned them all to fit in the new identity. That would then work as swedish guidelines for the internal web department at Telia. We redesigned the website, webmail, service tools, blogs and more. TeliaSonera´s new global identity came to life in May 2011.



Learnings and findings

I would say that this project made me grow. I became more interested in becoming an interaction designer, rather than developing my visual skills. This was therefore a very personal project for me. I had the time of my life in that war room, and I can still see us sitting there together.

Since this is the first time I made professional wireframes and structure, I also understood the importance of not designing your wireframes too much. As an retired visual designer, I wanted to make my wireframes look nice rather than communicating the idea behind it. This made the client wondering if the wireframes was more than wireframes. This took me a while to get over, and nowadays I usually make pretty ok wireframes. They are at least not over-designed!

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