Stora Journalistpriset

The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism is given yearly to recognise achievement in journalism. They wanted a new website that represented the history in swedish journalism, as well as the current winners. My responsibility was to create the information structure and wireframes for the solution.



Bonnier is a media group working in TV, daily newspapers, business and trade press, magazines, film, books, radio and digital media. Bonnier has been publishing high-quality media products since its start in 1804.

The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism by Bonnier AB is given yearly to recognise achievement in journalism. The winners are chosen by an independent jury made up of some of Sweden’s most-trusted top journalists. The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism has since its inception 1953 developed into the most prestigious and important honor for distinguished journalism in Sweden.


project brief

Bonner came to us with the brief of “We need a better website that shows our history in journalism”. The site needed to have a nomination function, and also be able to show nominees, winners and news. With profile pages. Throughout 60 years.



Since the project was managed during a limited time, we timeboxed it to get things done fast. I only made sketches by hand before the designer took it further. At some points I drew smaller components in Omnigraffle. In these kind of projects, it’s necessary to work really closely to the rest of the team members. We decided to use the "facebook timeline" navigation to make it easy for users to switch between years. This was a bit harder than we first thought. One thing to keep in mind was the loading times. How would that work?



I also needed to focus on was how to present nominees and winners. The current site represented individual journalists as winners. The prizes are given both to individual journalists and to whole teams. Therefor we had to move focus from the individual journalists to actually highlight the potential winning teams. It had to work for both cases.

During the process we discovered minor bugs in the interaction design, which made us rethink the design. Working close to a visual designer and a frontend developer made us work in a fast pace where it was easy to test the new solutions directly in code.




Learnings and findings

Working with this much content, trying to optimize the loading times wasn’t as easy as we first thought. By working close in the team we solved smaller issues fast and got it up in the frontend right in time. I think it’s necessary to always work close in a team, but in this project it was very important. We launched the website right in time for the users to start nominate teams. After the launch we continued to fix bugs and loading times.

If you are interested in more information about the project, please contact me.