SAS Check-in Kiosks

Scandinavian Airlines is the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the largest airline in Scandinavia. When the check in-kiosks were redesigned, I was in charge of the flows, interaction design and over all user experience.



Scandinavian Airlines system Denmark-Norway-Sweden, is the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the largest airline in Scandinavia. Part of the Scandinavian Airlines System Aktiebolag the airline operates 182 aircraft to 90 destinations.


Project brief

On each airport where SAS operates, you can check in by a kiosk which is located next to the baggage drops. Either there is a SAS kiosk, or you can find a common user self-service kiosk where you can check in with any of the star alliance carriers. The old system was about 25 years old and now SAS got their new identity and also want to update the kiosk designs. The amount of changes were in our hands, and we could choose to redesign everything from flows to colors. Awesome! We started to take a look at how this could be done.



I started with looking at the current flow in the kiosks and made a map with all flows I could find. There were lots of them and I soon understood that it worked like lego. There were “module flows” which were not that bad. For a system that is 25 years old I think it was quite good.

I tried to understand where we could improve details. Are there problems with the system timing out? Can we built two screens into one for a faster process? Are there any elements we should get rid of? Our mission was to make this a fast and easy process for travelers. We don´t want them to stand in line for the machine during summer- and winter vacations.

Due to the timeframe, a visual designer and I sat together and made handdrawn wireframes and then he instantly designed the screens. This was a great way of working since we had limited time. Well done @ Luca Deasti!



Learnings and findings

This was one of the first non-web/app projects I worked with, and designing for a kiosk which is located in different places in an airport raised new requirements for me. The position in the airport, it has to be clear and visible even in direct sunlight. All people (huge target group) need to understand what to do. The more we could improve the speed for each slide, we could get travelers ready faster without queueing. The new design went live in december 2016. 

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