Looking forward to UX Lx in Lisbon

Me and my colleagues are going to the User Experience conference in 4-6 june in Lisbon. (www.ux-lx.com) Already signed up for the most interesting talks, in my opinion.

Designing with lean UX by Kate Rutter. Using Lean Startup principles and these fun and rapid methods, you'll create a coherent, lo-fi product concept and get peer feedback on it.

The workshop workshop by Russ Unger. Always good to hear about how others create their workshops.

From designer to product leader by Bill Derouchey. The key is to practice owning the product before you actually get that big promotion. 

Brand-driven content strategy by Margot Bloomstein. You need to get a grip on content, the people who make it—and the brand they want to establish.

Except from the actual conference I'm looking forward to the street life and food. When we get back we will hopefully have learned something new to share with our colleagues.